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COREInsight Tracking Technology

COREInsight Postal

COREInsight Tracking Technology

Tracking and Managing Postal Products Has Never Been Easier

COREInsight Postal manages the process of mail and postal product movement from start to finish. Whether you're carrying domestic or international postal products, we've got you covered.

Real-time data capture and display gives you up-to-the minute operational visibility regarding the status of all mail in your network. This powerful application also gives you the financial forecasting and performance insight that every airline needs.

Take the Stress Out of Managing Mail and Postal Products

COREInsight Tracking Technology

Route Management

Air carriers submit to worldwide postal organizations the routes they offer for mail transportation and most importantly the capacity available for the carriage of mail. CORE offers a portal for airlines to input their schedules and capacity. It can be completed in a number of formats, individual route submission, downloading Excel™ files, or by sending CORE a SIMM file from the airline's scheduling department. These routes are updated based on contract requirements and postal organization need. Inputs and updates are sent periodically based on UPU contractual requirements.

We have worked with airlines and ground handlers to streamline the process to ensure the most straightforward and efficient operating system. One school of thought was if it is too complicated, then it becomes an excuse for a front line employee not to scan.

COREInsight Tracking Technology

Operational Benefits

CORE works closely with the major postal providers worldwide. The governing organization, Universal Postal Union (UPU), sets the standards for inter–Postal transactions, similar to the IATA group which manages standards within the International Airline group. COREInsight Postal technology complies with all UPU standards and have been accepted by all postal organizations worldwide. We continually update our scan capabilities, technologies and website to ensure compliance with changes from various postal organizations around the world.

COREInsight Tracking Technology

Payment Analysis

Postal organizations send carriers payments based on their scanning information. At times, short payments are made by USPS. Rather than hold staff on the Airline side, CORE provides a service to resolve short payments – i.e. File their Claims. The payment complexities involved contractually have created a market for CORE to review the postal organizations' payment and air carrier data to resolve claims for the air carrier. Since 2012, CORE has found over $30MM on $400MM in total revenue.

COREInsight Tracking Technology

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COREInsight Tracking Technology

COREInsight™ is a suite of supply chain applications that provides proactive insight for all transportation and asset management functions. Our family of applications and services collects data throughout the transportation process and delivers actionable intelligence to your desktop.

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