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Core Upgrades Bluetooth ULD Tracking

October 09, 2018

GUANGZHOU: October 09, 2018. Core Transport Technologies has upgraded its Bluetooth-based air cargo tracking product to incorporate military grade security.

The new release includes Bluetooth Low Energy hardware and software that supports hundreds of low-cost nodes that can relay messages to the nearest cellular reader. The company says the result makes the tracking network resilient to hardware or cellular failures.

Core CEO Ian Craig commented: "Now we can achieve highly optimal coverage as well better specific localization, two things our airline customers have requested."

The company has also announced it is supplying Jettainer with its tracking product to streamline the ULD management company’s ground processes at customer airlines.

Bluetooth tags, which can be retrofitted without additional ULD certification, are now automatically recorded and evaluated by readers at airports without human intervention.

"The integration of the Core tracking solution allows us to further increase efficiency through improvements in inventory management on the ground for airline customers," said Jettainer managing director Carsten Hernig. "The fact that the geolocation of our ULD fleet is further improved at the same time is a nice side effect. The decisive factor for us, however, was the possibilities for process improvements on the ground".

Craig added that when his company implemented Bluetooth as a ULD tracking system in 2017, it soon became evident that collecting large amounts of data would provide additional benefits to airlines and their customers.

News Sources: freightweek




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